Free NCAA Tournament Bracket Contest List

March 11th, 2018 by Lou Palumbo (Head Columnist)
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bracket thumbnail 2015 NCAA Tournament Bracket Contest List Free Bracket Contests(List of NCAA Tournament March Madness Bracket Contests Below)
(Printable 2018 Tournament Bracket; PDF)
 Bankroll Sports is back with our complete & detailed list of free March Madness bracket contests for the 2018 NCAA Tournament.  Below is a full list which contains all the free March Madness contests on the web for this year’s Big Dance (tons of FREE bracket contests listed below!). Please be sure to check back right after Selection Sunday as this is when this page will get a complete work-over. We will do the work for you and dig through the Internet, finding all the free NCAA bracket contests on the web worth participating in. That is what we do here at Bankroll Sports; we make the lives of sports bettors and fans easier. Make sure to bookmark this page and please add it to your social media bookmarks for your friends and family. Be sure to fill out as many NCAA tournament brackets as you can and sign up for all the free contests below. You never know; one of them could be the perfect NCAA tournament bracket and could win you the grand prize in one of these free bracket contests! Thanks for visiting and once again, be sure to check back during the month of March and the week leading up to the NCAA Tournament as we will continue to update this 2017 NCAA bracket contest list each and every season. When the seedings & pairings are set, we will also be back with more free picks & predictions along with some advice and tips for filling out your NCAA Tournament bracket. Also, be sure to purchase our expert handicappers premium March Madness Picks if you need some winning college basketball plays. Note: Our experts are dominating the conference tournaments right now. Let Bankroll Sports make your 2018 NCAA Tournament a profitable one!

Note: If you know of any free bracket contests on the web that are not listed below, please leave a message in the comments and let us know about them. We will make sure to update this list if your free bracket contest is worthy. However, we only add free contests. Therefore, no office pools or pay bracket contests will be included on this list. (Printable 2018 NCAA Tournament Bracket; PDF)

Full List of Free 2018 NCAA Tournament Bracket Contests

Please Come Back (Updated Often); Bookmark This Page (Internet Explorer Only) & Check Back On Selection Sunday Through The Entire Week Leading Up To The Big Dance As We Update This Free NCAA Bracket Contest List All Week Up Until The First Game!

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  • Fox Sports
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    Perfect Bracket Prize: $1,000,000 Cash
    2nd Place Prizes: $5,000 Cash
    3rd Place Prizes: $2,500 Cash
    4th-100th Place Prizes: $1,000 Cash
    101st-150th Place Prizes: 7,500 BetPoints
    151th-300th Place Prizes: 3,500 BetPoints
    301st-500th Place Prizes: 1,000 BetPoints
    501st-1,000th Place Prizes: 500 BetPoints
    1,001st-2,500th Place Prizes: 100 BetPoints
    2,501st-5,000th Place Prizes: 75 BetPoints
    5,001st Place Prizes: 50 BetPoints
    All Participants Receive At Least 50 BetPoints!
    Contest Grade: A
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    6th Place Prize: 5,000 BetPoints
    7th Place Prize: 5,000 BetPoints
    8th Place Prize: 5,000 BetPoints
    9th Place Prize: 5,000 BetPoints
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    2018 Bracket Contest Direct Link

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2020 Presidential Election Odds – Trump & Oprah Odds

January 9th, 2018 by Lou Palumbo (Head Columnist)
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Oprah Election Odds vs Trump

As of January 2018, just one full year into Donald Trump’s presidency, the reeling Democratic Party is feverishly trying to muster up a viable 2020 presidential candidate; one that could defeat Trump in 2020.

It appears the Democrats are looking for a name that would make a splash; & someone that could match the type of social media buzz that Trump cultivated during the 2016 presidential election.  The party’s latest possible candidate name may have accomplished exactly that.

That name?  Oprah!

Yes, indeed.  The most recent media reports have it as a possibility that Oprah Winfrey could be the next 2020 Democratic presidential nominee.

That’s right!

The 2020 Presidential Election could end up being: Oprah (D) vs. Trump (R)


The idea of Oprah Winfrey running for 2020 president looks to be getting positive responses by the media, as well in Democratic political circles.

When hearing the news about Oprah running for POTUS, you might be asking;

-Does that make Oprah Winfrey the Democrat’s “presumptive nominee” in 2020? 
-Do the Vegas sportsbooks have Oprah as the leading Democratic candidate? 
Answer: Yes.  Based on the latest 2020 presidential election odds & reports, the answer is; yes (to both)

You might also be asking;

-What do the presidential betting odds say about Oprah’s chances against Trump?
Answer: Most books (as of 1/9/18) currently , have Donald Trump  (2 to 1 odds) as the overall favorite to win the 2020 Presidential Election with Oprah Winfrey (9 to 1 Odds) running second. 

Elizabeth Warren (12 to 1 odds) is the next establishment Democrat (behind the Book Club Queen).   Tied for third on the list, sharing the same odds as Warren at the moment is Vice-President, Mike Pence (12 to 1 odds).  Pence is obviously an outside possibly should Trump somehow fail to finish his first term in office. 

Trailing in 5th, as the third potential Democratic candidate, is California Senator, Kamala Harris (14 to 1 odds).  

Of course, one crazy tweet from POTUS could change everything; leading to bettors laying money elsewhere.   Additionally, if the Democrats find themselves a new “Candidate-D’Jor”, things could move around a bit.  So, stay tuned & check back on this page. We’ll be updating the list below.

Note: There is also an assortment of wild names on the current list of candidates (ie; Beyonce, Al Franken, Kanye West)

With the latest Oprah developments, we figured it’d be an appropriate time to provide the full list of all the current odds to win the 2020 presidency.

Latest Odds to Win The 2020 Presidential Election @ 5 Dimes (as of 1/9/18)
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Person To Be 2020 PresidentOdds
Donald Trump 2 to 1
Oprah Winfrey 9 to 1
Mike Pence 12 to 1
Elizabeth Warren 12 to 1
Kamala Harris 14 to 1
Bernie Sanders 16 to 1
K.Gillibrand 16 to 1
Michelle Obama 22 to 1
Joe Biden 22 to 1
D.Johnson 28 to 1
M.Zuckerberg 33 to 1
Cory Booker 33 to 1
G.Newsom 33 to 1
Nikki Haley 40 to 1
Paul Ryan 50 to 1
Hillary Clinton 50 to 1
Julian Castro 50 to 1
Jamie Dimon 50 to 1
Orrin Hatch 50 to 1
M.Bloomberg 50 to 1
J.Kennedy III 50 to 1
Hickenlooper 66 to 1
Marco Rubio 66 to 1
Amy Klobuchar 66 to 1
Tim Kaine 66 to 1
D.Patrick 66 to 1
Eric Garcetti 66 to 1
B.Iger 90 to 1
Mark Cuban 66 to 1
C.Cortez 66 to 1
H.Schultz 66 to 1
George Clooney 66 to 1
Mitt Romney 66 to 1
Tulsi Gabbard 66 to 1
Sherrod Brown 66 to 1
John Kasich 66 to 1
Al Gore 66 to 1
Keith Ellison 66 to 1
Rufus Gifford 66 to 1
C.Kennedy 80 to 1
Ben Shapiro 80 to 1
L.DiCaprio 80 to 1
Steve Bannon 80 to 1
Jospeh P Kennedy 80 to 1
Andrew Cuomo 80 to 1
Trey Gowdy 90 to 1
Al Franken 100 to 1
Ted Cruz 100 to 1
Ben Carson 100 to 1
Ivanka Trump 100 to 1
Ben Sasse 100 to 1
Bill de Blasi 100 to 1
A.Basiago 200 to 1
B.Sandoval 100 to 1
Carly Fiorina 100 to 1
Chris Christie 100 to 1
Beyonce 200 to 1
C.Murphy 100 to 1
S.Yates 200 to 1
C.Rice 100 to 1
Greg Abbott 100 to 1
G.Popovich 100 to 1
James Mattis 100 to 1
Jason Kander 100 to 1
Jay Inslee 175 to 1
Jay Nixon 100 to 1
M.Dayton 165 to 1
Jeb Bush 100 to 1
Jeff Flake 100 to 1
Jerry Brown 100 to 1
M.OMalley 100 to 1
Doug Ducey 200 to 1
Kanye West150 to 1


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2017 Week 1 NFL Lines & Odds

July 17th, 2017 by Lou Palumbo (Head Columnist)

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Complete List of 2017 Week 1 NFL Lines are Listed at the Bottom

NFL Betting OddsWith the 2017 football season approaching, it’s about that time.  The time where sports bettors start looking past baseball; and start looking ahead to the NFL week 1 lines and odds.  Week 1 of the NFL season can always be a tricky week to handicap and analyze.  This is even more true in the NFL where the oddsmakers are less overwhelmed than they are in week 1 of the college football season.

A large majority of public bettors are placing bets; and completely ignoring the pre-season.  Most of the public is usually basing their week 1 bets on what happened the previous year as well as the big-name free agent signings in the off-season.  This puts the bookmakers at a huge advantage in week one.

Some helpful wisdom & advice would be for bettors to avoid overlooking major coaching changes.  Looking for teams that have new head coaches (as well as entire coaching staffs) is a great strategy to immediately look for sharp plays that the public may be overlooking.  Nothing can quickly turn a bad team into a contender (and also turn a mediocre team into an irrelevance one), like a new head coach.  So, before placing your week 1 nfl bets, make sure to make note of the teams with entirely new coaching staff.

As for 2017 week one dockett, there are some interesting games to watch.

As usual the week 1 Thursday night matchup is worth watching (unlike the preceding Thursday night games later in the season).  The NFL opener on Thursday night offers a great chess match between two great head coaches (Andy Reid and Bill Belichick).   The defending Superbowl Champion Patriots will host the Kansas City Chiefs (who made the playoffs in each of the last 3 seasons under Andy Reid).  The Patriots are listed as 7.5 point favorites.

On Sunday afternoon, the highly revamped (& playoff hopeful) Oakland Raiders head to Tennessee to take on the Titans as 1 point road favorites.

The early evening (4pm) week 1 slate is highlighted with a matchup of two playoff teams.  Arron Rodgers’ Packers are listed as 3 point home favorite vs Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks.

Sunday Night Football features a quality NFC East showdown between the Superbowl hopeful Dallas Cowboys hosting Eli Manning and the Giants.  Dak Prescott’s Cowboys open at 4.5 point favorites vs. the visiting G-men.

Current 2017 NFL Week 1 Lines From My Bookie Sportsbook (as of 9/6/11):
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Week 1 Thursday Night Football Game:
Thursday, 9/7 @ 8:30 PM (EST)

451 Kc Chiefs +7½ O 48
452 Ne Patriots -7½ U 48

Week 1 Sunday NFL Early Games:
NFL Lines for Sunday, 9/10 @ 1pm (EST)

453 Ny Jets +6½ O 42½
454 Buf Bills -6½ U 42½

455 Atl Falcons -7 O 50½
456 Chi Bears +7 U 50½

457 Jac Jaguars +4 O 42
458 Hou Texans -4 U 42

459 Phi Eagles +2½ O 48
460 Was Redskins -2½ U 48

461 Ari Cardinals +2 O 48½
462 Det Lions -2 U 48½

463 Oak Raiders -1 O 51½
464 Ten Titans +1 U 51½

465 Tb Buccaneers +1 O 47
466 Mia Dolphins -1 U 47

467 Bal Ravens +2½ O 42½
468 Cin Bengals -2½ U 42½

469 Pit Steelers -9 O 47½
470 Cle Browns +9 U 47½

Week 1 Sunday Late NFL Games:
NFL Lines for Sunday, 9/10 @ 4:05 & 4:25pm (EST)

471 Ind Colts -3 O 47
472 La Rams +3 U 47

473 Sea Seahawks +3 O 49½
474 Gb Packers -3 U 49½

475 Car Panthers -5½ O 48
476 Sf 49ers +5½ U 48

Week 1 Sunday Night Football (on NBC):
Sunday, 9/10 at 8:30pm (EST)

477 Ny Giants +4½ O 49½

478 Dal Cowboys -4½ U 49½

Week 1 Monday Night Football Lines (on ESPN):

Monday, 9/11 at 7:10pm (EST)
479 No Saints +3½ O 48
480 Min Vikings -3½ U 48

Monday, 9/11 at 10:20pm (EST)
483 La Chargers +3½ O 44
482 Den Broncos -3½ U 44MyBookie

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2017 British Open Odds & British Open Free Picks

June 27th, 2017 by Travis Edwards (Bankroll Sports Contributor)
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List of 2017 British Open Odds Located At Bottom of Post

2017 Open Championship (British Open): Sleeper Picks & Tournament Info
British Open Tournament Dates: Thursday, July 20th to Sunday, July 23th

Course & Location: Royal Birkdale Golf Club (Southport, England)
Current Favorite To Win The 2017 British Open: Jordan Speith (8 to 1)
Defending Champion (@ Henrik Stenson): Henrik Stenson (18-1)

British Open Picks Live TV Coverage
Thursday, 7/20 (First Round) @ 4:00am on ESPN
Friday, 7/21 (Second Round) @ 4:00am on ESPN
Saturday, 7/22 (Third Round) @ 7:00am on ESPN
Thursday, 7/23 (Final Round): 6:00am ESPN
Coverage on DirectTV Mix & Streaming on WatchESPN

After his dramatic win at the Travelers Championship, several books have Jordan Speith (Odds: 10 to 1) listed as the current favorite to win the 2017 British Open Championship.  Many other books out there still have the #1 player in the world, according to the official World Golf Rankings, Dustin Johnson (Odds: 10 to 1) as the favorite   Defending British Open Champion, Henrik Stenson is currently being offered at a generous price of 20-1, as 2017 has not been Stenson’s best year thus far.  The 2017 U.S. Open Champion, Brooks Koepka can be purchased at a 25-to-1 price, while the 2017 Masters Champ, Sergio Garcia is currently listed as high as 16-1.

Free British Open Picks (Sleeper & Value Plays)
Brooks Koepka: (25 to 1 at Bet Online)
Alexander Noren: (50 to 1 at Bet Online)

Patrick Reed (66 to 1 at Five Dimes)
Mark Leishman (66 to 1 at  Five Dimes)

Past British Open Winners (Since 2000)
2016 – Henrik Stenson
2015 – Zach Johnson
2014 – Rory McIlroy
2013 – Phil Mickelson

2012 – Ernie Els
2011 – Darren Clarke
2010 – Louis Oosthuizen
2009 – Stewart Cink
2008 – Padraig Harrington
2007 – Padraig Harrington
2006 – Tiger Woods
2005 – Tiger Woods
2004 – Todd Hamilton
2003 – Ben Curtis
2002 – Ernie Els
2001 – David Duval
2000 – Tiger Woods

Latest 2017 British Open Odds at BetOnline Sportsbook (as of 6/27/17):
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Jordan Spieth 8 to 1
Dustin Johnson 10 to 1
Rory McIlroy 10 to 1
Jason Day 16 to 1
Sergio Garcia 16 to 1
Henrik Stenson 18 to 1
Justin Rose 20 to 1
Hideki Matsuyama 20 to 1
Rickie Fowler 20 to 1
Jon Rahm 25 to 1
Brooks Koepka 25 to 1
Adam Scott 28 to 1
Phil Mickelson 28 to 1
Thomas Pieters 33 to 1
Justin Thomas 33 to 1
Louis Oosthuizen 40 to 1
Branden Grace 40 to 1
Paul Casey 40 to 1
Alexander Noren 50 to 1
Tyrrell Hatton 50 to 1
Lee Westwood 50 to 1
Patrick Reed 50 to 1
Zach Johnson 66 to 1
Matthew Fitzpatrick 66 to 1
Martin Kaymer 66 to 1
Charl Schwartzel 66 to 1
Marc Leishman 66 to 1
Matt Kuchar 66 to 1
Francesco Molinari 80 to 1

Current Odds To Win The British Open From 5 Dimes Sportsbook (as of 6/27/17):
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Dustin Johnson   7 to 1
Jordan Spieth   9 to 1
Rory McIlroy   9 to 1
Jason Day   14 to 1
Sergio Garcia   15 to 1
Henrik Stenson   16 to 1
Justin Rose   18 to 1
Hideki Matsuyama   20 to 1
Rickie Fowler   20 to 1
Jon Rahm   22 to 1
Adam Scott   25 to 1
Brooks Koepka   25 to 1
Phil Mickelson   33 to 1
Thomas Pieters   33 to 1
Justin Thomas   35 to 1
Louis Oosthuizen   35 to 1
Tommy Fleetwood   35 to 1
Branden Grace   40 to 1
Paul Casey   40 to 1
Alex Noren   40 to 1
Tyrrell Hatton   50 to 1
Martin Kaymer   55 to 1
Matthew Fitzpatrick   55 to 1
Patrick Reed   55 to 1
Charl Schwartzel   66 to 1
Lee Westwood   66 to 1
Marc Leishman   66 to 1
Matt Kuchar   66 to 1
Shane Lowry   66 to 1
Zach Johnson   66 to 1
Chris Wood   70 to 1
Brandt Snedeker   80 to 1
Daniel Berger   80 to 1
Ian Poulter   80 to 1
Kevin Kisner   80 to 1
Rafa Cabrera-Bello   80 to 1
Bubba Watson   90 to 1
Graeme McDowell   90 to 1
Ross Fisher   90 to 1
Russell Knox   90 to 1
Andy Sullivan   100 to 1
Byeong-Hun An   100 to 1
J.B. Holmes   100 to 1
Jason Dufner   100 to 1
Jimmy Walker   100 to 1
Bernd Wiesberger   100 to 1
Francesco Molinari   100 to 1
Jim Furyk   110 to 1
Charley Hoffman   125 to 1
Danny Willett   125 to 1
Emiliano Grillo   125 to 1
Padraig Harrington   12500
Soren Kjeldsen   125 to 1
Gary Woodland   125 to 1
Kevin Chappell   125 to 1
Bill Haas   150 to 1
Scott Piercy   150 to 1
Andrew Johnston   150 to 1
Billy Horschel   150 to 1
Bryson DeChambeau   15000
Keegan Bradley   150 to 1
Luke Donald   150 to 1
Nicolas Colsaerts   15000
Ryan Moore   150 to 1
Ryan Palmer   150 to 1
Steve Stricker   150 to 1
Thorbjorn Olesen   150 to 1
Tony Finau   150 to 1
Kevin Na   175 to 1
Harris English   175 to 1
Jamie Donaldson   175 to 1
Joost Luiten   175 to 1
Thongchai Jaidee   200 to 1
Victor Dubuisson   200 to 1
Webb Simpson   200 to 1
Ernie Els   250 to 1
Matteo Manassero   250 to 1
Matthew Southgate   250 to 1
Darren Clarke   500 to 1

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2017 BCS National Championship Odds – College Football Playoff Odds

December 21st, 2016 by Lou Palumbo (Head Columnist)
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BCS Logo

With the 2016-17 BCS Championship playoff bracket officially set, we’d like to take a quick look at the current odds to win the 2017 BCS Championship from the reputable offshore sportsbooks on the web.  Note: When the National Championship game is set, this page will also feature the game-day spreads (lines from our top 3 most recommended sportsbooks)

Obviously, Alabama is the current favorite with 1 to 2 odds (even 1 to 3 odds at some books).  We see little-to-zero value (as far as future betting) with the latest price from all books.  However, if you love the Tide and think Bama is going to squash both teams they play, the best line being offered is now -230 at Bovada. With Washington playing the Tide in their semi-final game, they are obviously the long-shot in this four-team playoff.  If you like the Pac 12 Champion to pull off the first round upset, betting their future to win the title now, can give you a great hedge opportunity before the BCS Championship game.  You can get the Huskies at a price as high as 14 to 1 (+1385) at 5Dimes; which is an astronomical price for a semi-final playoff game.  The 2 & 3 seeds in Ohio State and Clemson are being offered at a mix of prices out there.  If you like Clemson, 5Dimes is offering the Tigers at hefty price of almost 8 to 1 (+750).  The best available price for the Buckeyes is currently a straight 5 to 1 (+500) at Bovada.  Check back after the semi-final game for an update on the best college football National Championship game spreads.  

Current Odds To Win The BCS National Championship @ JustBet 
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Alabama: 1 to 3 (-270)
Ohio State: 4 to 1
Clemson: 7 to 1
Washington: 13 to 1

Latest 2017 BCS National Championship Odds @ Bovada 
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Alabama: 1 to 2 (-230)
Ohio State: 5 to 1 (+500)
Clemson: 6 to 1 (+550)
Washington: 10 to 1 (+1000)

2016-17 College Football Championship Odds @ 5 Dimes Sportsbook 
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Alabama: 1 to 2 (-245)
Ohio State: 5 to 1 (+455)
Clemson: 8 to 1 (+750)
Washington: 14 to 1 (+1385)

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2017 Super Bowl Odds & Value Picks (as of 12/21/2016)

December 21st, 2016 by Lou Palumbo (Head Columnist)
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 All Current 2017 Superbowl Odds for Super Bowl 51 Are Posted Below

Important Note: If you do not wish
2017-superbowl-odds to read our briefing as well as our value Superbowl picks, you can skip this and
go right to the list of Super Bowl odds & additional NFL futures odds by scrolling to the bottom of the post.  

Bookmarking Note: Make sure to Bookmark This Superbowl Odds Page using the social bookmarking links below.  The odds list below will be updated often and on a weekly basis during the season.

Just two short weeks away from the 2016-17 NFL playoffs and the teams that remain in playoff contention are shrinking by the week.  With the Patriots (2 to 1 Odds @ JustBet) and the Cowboys (5 to 1 Odds @ 5 Dimes) riding so far atop the odds right now, there’s few little value to be gotten in the current NFC and AFC favorites.  Some books also have the Cowboys & Seahawks with the same odds.  But, even at 5 to 1, we don’t see a whole lot of value in Seattle without them having home field advantage.  We do think the current 2017 Superbowl Odds offer some value in the middle of the bunch right now.

In the NFC, the Atlanta Falcons are currently being offered at very substantial price of 18 to 1 (@ 5 Dimes).  This is a team that is currently hitting on all cylinders on offense and their young defense is really starting to swarm around the ball.  If they can somehow get that first round bye, you can expect that 18-1 number to drop to under 8 to 1.   Another impressive metric for the Falcons, is the 5-2 record on the road.  Even without the bye, we still see 18-1 as a fantastic value.

As for an AFC value pick, this one is a little more tricky as New England appears to be the dominating team.   That being said, we’ll look at the #2 team in the AFC right now in the Oakland Raiders who are currently being offered at 15 to 1 (@ JustBet).  There is still an outside chance the Raiders can get home filed advantage.  This may just be the year that the Oakland Raiders get revenge for the infamous tuck rule.

Latest 2017 Superbowl Odds From @ 5 Dimes (As Of Week 16):
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New England Patriots 2 to 1
Dallas Cowboys 5 to 1
Seattle Seahawks 6 to 1
Pittsburgh Steelers 10 to 1
Oakland Raiders 14 to 1
Kansas City Chiefs 16 to 1
New York Giants 16 to 1
Green Bay Packers 16 to 1
Atlanta Falcons 18 to 1
Detroit Lions 55 to 1
Tennessee Titans 55 to 1
Baltimore Ravens 66 to 1
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 70 to 1
Miami Dolphins 80 to 1
Indianapolis Colts 100 to 1
Houston Texans 105 to 1
Washington Redskins 110 to 1
Denver Broncos 125 to 1
Minnesota Vikings 350 to 1
Buffalo Bills 500 to 1
New Orleans Saints 500 to 1
Carolina Panthers 850 to 1

Current Odds To Win Super Bowl 51 @ JustBet (As Of 8/31/16):
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New England Patriots 2 to 1
Dallas Cowboys 5 to 1
Seattle Seahawks 5 to 1
Pittsburgh Steelers 9 to 1
Kansas City Chiefs 12 to 1
Green Bay Packers 14 to 1
Atlanta Falcons 14 to 1
Oakland Raiders 15 to 1
New York Giants 16 to 1
Detroit Lions 50 to 1
Baltimore Ravens 55 to 1
Indianapolis Colts 57 to 1
Tennessee Titans 60 to 1
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 70 to 1
Miami Dolphins 75 to 1
Houston Texans 85 to 1
Denver Broncos 100 to 1
Washington Redskins 110 to 1
Minnesota Vikings 130 to 1
Buffalo Bills 235 to 1
New Orleans Saints 700 to 1
Carolina Panthers 450 to 1

Current Football Futures Odds From Bovada Sportsbook:
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Presidential Election Odds – State-By-State Clinton vs Trump Odds

August 31st, 2016 by Lou Palumbo (Head Columnist)
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The 2016 presidential election is approaching fast, which can be either good news or bad news, depending on how you feel about politics.   If you are someone who is enamored by the election cycle & enjoys the frenzy that comes with election night, you’ll want check out the entertainment odds at Bovada Sportsbook as well as the primary odds at 5Dimes.  Both books have a lot of different 2016 presidential election odds.  If you are someone who finds that politics give you a migraine and never seem to have any vested interest in election night, betting on political futures may be exactly what you need to make November 2nd a more tolerable (even exciting), day.  You can expect a lot of volatility in these odds as events unfold (or the candidates mouth’s open) over the course of the next 15 months.

As of the end of August, Hillary Clinton remains a big favorite in this upcoming election over Trump.  If you think Trump can change voters minds in the debates, now may be your time to place a bet on the Donald, where bookmakers are paying around 3 to 1 should he defeat Clinton in November.  The Libertarian nominee, Gary Johnson remains a massive underdog (280 to 1) at most sportsbooks despite the recent press he’s been getting.

There are some interesting state-by-state (Trump vs. Clinton) odds out there (see state by state odds below) that are worth taking a look at.  In the key battleground states of Florida & Ohio, Hilary Clinton remains overwhelming favorite.  Clinton is also a -160 favorite in the fairly conservative state of North Carolina.   In Indiana, the home state of Mike Pence (Trump’s VP pick), Hillary Clinton is currently a 5.5 to 1 underdog.  You can check the list below for all the state by state presidential election odds.

2016 Presidential Election Odds Update (Current Futures) @ Bovada (as of 8/31/16):
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2016 Presidential General Election Winner:
Hillary Clinton – 1 to 3 (-300)
Donald Trump – 2.8 to 1 (+280)
Bernie Sanders – 100 to 1 (+10000)
Gary Johnson – 280 to 1 (+28000)

Hillary Clinton Electoral Votes Odds (Over / Under):
Over 369.5 +230
Under 369.5 -310

Donald Trump Electoral Votes Odds (Over / Under):
Over 369.5 +655
Under 369.5 -1365

Senate Majority at the beginning o 115 Congress:
Republican Controlled Senate: 1.7 to 1 (+170)
Democratic Controlled Senate: 3.8 to 1 (-380)

State By State 2016 Presidential Election Odds From 5 Dimes (as of 8/31/16):
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Tue 11/8301 Republican candidate wins Alabama -3000
8:00AM302 Democratic candidate wins Alabama +1300
Tue 11/8303 Republican candidate wins Alaska -5250
8:00AM304 Democratic candidate wins Alaska +1750
Tue 11/8305 Republican candidate wins Arizona -260
8:00AM306 Democratic candidate wins Arizona +180
Tue 11/8309 Republican candidate wins California +1100
8:00AM310 Democratic candidate wins California -2300
Tue 11/8311 Republican candidate wins Colorado +450
8:00AM312 Democratic candidate wins Colorado -750
Tue 11/8313 Republican candidate wins Connecticut +1100
8:00AM314 Democratic candidate wins Connecticut -2300
Tue 11/8317 Republican candidate wins Florida +230
8:00AM318 Democratic candidate wins Florida -310
Tue 11/8319 Republican candidate wins Georgia -190
8:00AM320 Democratic candidate wins Georgia +150
Tue 11/8325 Republican candidate wins Illinois +880
8:00AM326 Democratic candidate wins Illinois -1800
Tue 11/8327 Republican candidate wins Indiana -1050
8:00AM328 Democratic candidate wins Indiana +550
Tue 11/8329 Republican candidate wins Iowa +180
8:00AM330 Democratic candidate wins Iowa -260
Tue 11/8333 Republican candidate wins Kentucky -4500
8:00AM334 Democratic candidate wins Kentucky +1500
Tue 11/8335 Republican candidate wins Louisiana -4500
8:00AM336 Democratic candidate wins Louisiana +1500
Tue 11/8339 Republican candidate wins Maryland +3000
8:00AM340 Democratic candidate wins Maryland -11000
Tue 11/8341 Republican candidate wins Massachussetts +1200
8:00AM342 Democratic candidate wins Massachussetts -2600
Tue 11/8343 Republican candidate wins Michigan +400
8:00AM344 Democratic candidate wins Michigan -600
Tue 11/8345 Republican candidate wins Minnesota +425
8:00AM346 Democratic candidate wins Minnesota -675
Tue 11/8349 Republican candidate wins Missouri -280
8:00AM350 Democratic candidate wins Missouri +200
Tue 11/8353 Republican candidate wins Nebraska -2300
8:00AM354 Democratic candidate wins Nebraska +1100
Tue 11/8355 Republican candidate wins Nevada +260
8:00AM356 Democratic candidate wins Nevada -380
Tue 11/8357 Republican candidate wins New Hampshire +400
8:00AM358 Democratic candidate wins New Hampshire -600
Tue 11/8359 Republican candidate wins New Jersey +1000
8:00AM360 Democratic candidate wins New Jersey -2000
Tue 11/8361 Republican candidate wins New Mexico +450
8:00AM362 Democratic candidate wins New Mexico -750
Tue 11/8363 Republican candidate wins New York +1000
8:00AM364 Democratic candidate wins New York -2000
Tue 11/8365 Republican candidate wins North Carolina +121
8:00AM366 Democratic candidate wins North Carolina -161
Tue 11/8369 Republican candidate wins Ohio +250
8:00AM370 Democratic candidate wins Ohio -350
Tue 11/8371 Republican candidate wins Oklahoma -3250
8:00AM372 Democratic candidate wins Oklahoma +1350
Tue 11/8373 Republican candidate wins Oregon +450
8:00AM374 Democratic candidate wins Oregon -750
Tue 11/8375 Republican candidate wins Pennsylvania +330
8:00AM376 Democratic candidate wins Pennsylvania -490
Tue 11/8385 Republican candidate wins Texas -1200
8:00AM386 Democratic candidate wins Texas +600
Tue 11/8387 Republican candidate wins Utah -675
8:00AM388 Democratic candidate wins Utah +425
Tue 11/8391 Republican candidate wins Virginia +500
8:00AM392 Democratic candidate wins Virginia -900
Tue 11/8393 Republican candidate wins Washington +800
8:00AM394 Democratic candidate wins Washington -1700
Tue 11/8395 Republican candidate wins West Virginia -13500
8:00AM396 Democratic candidate wins West Virginia +3500
Tue 11/8397 Republican candidate wins Wisconsin +500
8:00AM398 Democratic candidate wins Wisconsin -900


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