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Basic NCAA Football Betting Tips

We offer up some basic college football handicapping advice and betting tips that you should abide by when making your college football picks!

Simple College Football Handicapping Advice

One of the things that has made football so popular is the many different ways the game can be wagered on. From standard fantasy football, to straight bets, to multi-team parlay bets, the different ways available for college football betting are many and varied. Though betting on football is enjoyable, it can also be expensive for someone not approaching it in the correct manner. There are a number of things that someone betting on football can do to experience a better rate of success. Here are just a few basic betting tips that you should follow when betting on ncaa football this year.

Research, Research, Research
There is always the possibility that you can over think betting on a particular ncaa football game, However, in general, there is never a substitute for research when it comes to looking at a game that you may place a bet on. The easiest way to lose your bankroll is to make bets based on gut feelings alone, the word of someone else, or just by looking at the college football odds for the day. Researching a game and finding out why one team is favored over another and if that advantage is justified is one of the best ways to find games that are safer bets. More money has been lost by football bettors betting on games they know nothing about than on anything else in college football betting.

Managing Your Bankroll
Now that your research is done and you have the games that you want to bet in your sights, it is time to decide how much to wager. There are a number of complex money management systems that different betting experts recommend, and many of them are very good. The simple truth of the matter is that you should never risk money that you cannot afford to lose. There are no guarantees in sports betting and the last thing you want to do is lose next month's house payment because a backup quarterback came in and led his underdog team to victory. Now that you are only betting money that you have designated as your betting bankroll, you should still never bet so much money on one game, or even one week's games, that if you have a bad day it would put you in a position where you cannot bet next week. Any money management system will lead to you experiencing ups and downs, but the trick is to maximize your winning while not ever being in risk of putting yourself "out of business" with a bad play or bad week. Read our article on money management in football betting.

Getting The Best Betting Line
Now that you know who you are going to bet on and how much you are going to wager, it is time to find out where you are going to place that bet. Novice sports bettors think that it may not matter where you place your sports bet, but the truth is that there are times that different sportsbooks may offer different lines. Most of the time the betting line that you find published nationally is going to be fairly close to what most sports books offer, but when a difference of a half point or one point can mean the difference between winning and losing, it is just smart to shop around for the best betting line from the most reliable sportsbook. Read our article on shopping for lines and check out our recommended sportsbook reviews.

When it comes to being successful when betting on college football, if you get the best information, wager the correct amount of money, and get the best betting line possible, you would be well on your way to being as successful as you can be. When you get the best betting line, you are maximizing your potential winnings. When you wager the proper amount, you are avoiding a potential loss that could eliminate the possibility of any winnings being accrued in the future. When you use the best research methods, you are maximizing your chance at winning because you know as much about the football game and the teams involved as anyone. Mastering these three simple steps can make a dramatic difference on whether your sports betting endeavors are successful or not.

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