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Week 2 Achieve: NBA Power Ratings

Our week 2 2008 NBA power ratings after week one of the 2008 NBA Basketball season.

2008 Week 2 NBA Power Rankings
(Dated: November 9 - 23, 2008)

1. Los Angeles Lakers (4-0) – The Lakers have started the season winners of all four of four games. Not only are the Lakers winning games but they are beating teams with authority outscoring teams 105.8 – 85.0 on the year. Kobe Bryant is leading the Lakers with 24.8 points per game while Pau Gasol is grabbing 10.8 rebounds per game. The Lakers moved up from # 2 in the preseason poll. Los Angeles will take on Houston, Dallas, New Orleans, and Detroit in a rough and tough week ahead.

2. Boston Celtics (5-1) – The Celtics were replaced at the top of the rankings by the Lakers, but despite that Boston has still started the season 5-1. Boston’s lone loss came November 1st in a 95-79 loss at Indiana. Paul Pierce, who is scoring 17.8 points per game, leads the Celtics. Da Kid, Kevin Garnett is grabbing 9.7 rebounds a game, while point guard Rajon Rondo is dishing out 7 assists per game, and garnering close to 2 steals per game. The Celtics have a tough week ahead with a road game at Detroit, before home games with Toronto, Atlanta, and Denver before a road game in Milwaukee.

3. Utah Jazz (5-0) – Despite missing star point guard Deron Williams, the Utah Jazz have started an impressive 5-0 on the season. Utah has been able to move up from # 5 to # 3 in the power rankings. The Jazz, minus Williams have gotten great production from Carlos Boozer, who is scoring 20.8 points per game, and picking up 9.8 rebounds a game. Utah leads the Western Conference – Northwest Division by three full games over Denver. The Jazz will head out East starting Sunday and play five games this week; at New York, Philadelphia, Washington, Charlotte, and Cleveland.

4. Detroit Pistons (4-1) – The Pistons have started the season 4-1, and now with the addition of Allen Iverson, look to be with the Celtics as the beasts of the East. The Pistons have moved up five spots from # 9 to # 4. The Pistons are scoring more points this season than in seasons past, putting up 102.8 points per game, but also giving up 96.4. The Pistons are coming off their first loss of the season Friday night to the New Jersey Nets. This week the Pistons will take on the Celtics on Sunday before a road trip to Sacramento, Golden State, and the Lakers this week.

5. Atlanta Hawks (4-0) – The Atlanta Hawks seemingly are holding onto much of their emotion they grabbed at the end of last season, and in their near series victory over Boston. Atlanta has started the season with four straight wins and moved from # 20 to # 5 in the latest power rankings. Sharp shooting Joe Johnson has led the Hawks with 25.3 points per game, while Josh Smith is grabbing 8 rebounds, 2.3 steals and 2.5 blocks per game. The Hawks will play five games this week starting with a trip to Oklahoma City, with trips to Chicago, Boston, and New Jersey, before hosting New Jersey on November 15th.

6. Houston Rockets (4-2) – The Rockets remain at the # 6 position starting the season winning 4 of 6 games. Houston is scoring 95.5 points per game, while allowing 89.5. The Rockets are 2-1 at home, and 2-1 on the road thus far this season. The Rockets lead the Hornets by ½ game in the Western Conference – Southwest Division. Houston will travel to Los Angeles to take on the Lakers, before trips to Phoenix and San Antonio, before a home game with New Orleans.

7. New Orleans Hornets (3-2) – The Hornets have fallen four positions from # 3 to # 7 to start the season. In their first five games of the year New Orleans has won three of five, with losses to Charlotte, and Atlanta. The three Hornets wins have come over Golden State, Phoenix and Cleveland. The Hornets are once again being led by star point guard Chris Paul, who is scoring 21.4 points per game, and 11.4 assists per game. Tyson Chandler is holding his own in the middle grabbing 10 rebounds a game. The Hornets will take on Miami on Saturday before the Lakers and Trailblazers come to town mid-week and then New Orleans heads to Houston to take on the Rockets.

8. Phoenix Suns (4-2) – The Suns are scoring 102.5 per game in their first six games of the season. That is no surprise coming from a team that has always put up big numbers. Phoenix is 4-2 to start the season with their two losses coming to New Orleans and Chicago. The Suns moved up from their preseason spot at # 13. Amare Stoudemire is putting up 25.8 points per game, and 9.3 rebounds, while point guard Steve Nash is dishing out 8.5 assists per game. The Suns take on Milwaukee on the road Saturday, before heading home to take on Memphis and Houston, before a road game at Sacramento on Friday November 14th.

9. Cleveland Cavaliers (4-2) – The Cavs’ have won three in a row after a 1-2 start; falling to Boston and New Orleans; both on the road in the first week. The Cavs’ have fallen one spot in the power rankings from their preseason spot at # 8. King LeBron James, who is playing 35.5 minutes a game, scoring 26 points per game, once again leads Cleveland. The Cavs’ are trailing by Detroit by ½ game in the Eastern Conference – Central Division. The Pistons play in Chicago on Saturday night, before home games with Milwaukee, Denver and Utah.

10. Toronto Raptors (3-2) – The Toronto Raptors have won three of five games to start the season, and kept them at the # 10 position they held to start the season. Toronto is coming off two straight losses; to Detroit and Atlanta, after winning their first three- Philadelphia, Golden State, and Milwaukee. The Raptors are actually being outscored on average 97.8 – 96.6 on the season. Chris Bosh is leading Toronto in scoring, at 26.0 per game. The Raptors will travel to Charlotte and Boston back-to-back nights before a mid-week home game with the Philadelphia 76ers.

11. Orlando Magic (3-2) – The Orlando Magic have won three of their first five games on the season and moved up from # 14 to # 11. Orlando has been led in scoring by guard Rashard Lewis, scoring 20.2 points per game. Dwight Howard has grabbed 13.2 rebounds per game for Orlando as well. The Magic have wins over Sacramento, Chicago and Philadelphia, after losing their first two games of the year against the Hawks and the Grizzles. Orlando will host Portland on Monday before road trips at Oklahoma City and Dallas.

12. Miami Heat (3-2) – The Miami Heat have won three of their first five games on the year, and moved up from # 21 to # 12. Dwyane Wade is scoring 25.4 points per game, while Shawn Marion is grabbing 8.6 rebounds per game. The Heat are scoring 102 points per game, and allowing 92.6. The Heat are 2-0 this year at home, while 1-2 playing in road games. The Heat will take on the Hornets in New Orleans on Saturday before home games with the Nets, Blazers, and Wizards during this next week.

13. Chicago Bulls (3-3) – Derek Rose has been a pleasant surprise for the Chicago Bulls. Rose is scoring 17.8 points per game, and adding 4.5 assists. Rose and the Bulls have split their first six games of the year; with wins over Milwaukee, Memphis, and Phoenix. The Bulls three defeats have come to Boston, Orlando and Cleveland. The Bulls have moved up five positions from # 18 to # 13 in the power rankings. The Bulls trail Detroit and Cleveland in the Eastern Conference – Central Division. Chicago takes on Cleveland on Saturday, with Atlanta, Dallas and Indiana coming to town during the week.

14. San Antonio Spurs (1-4) – The Spurs started the preseason ranking at # 4, but after losing four of their first five games have fallen to # 14 in the rankings. The Spurs picked up their first win last week at Minnesota 129-125 in overtime. On Friday Night the Heat knocked off San Antonio, and even worse for the Spurs was an ankle injury to Tony Parker that may sideline him for up to four weeks. The Spurs are being outscored 105.0 – 98 on the season. The Spurs will host the Knicks before a road game at Milwaukee before the Spurs host Houston on November 14th.

15. Memphis Grizzles (3-3) – The Memphis Grizzles have won three of their first six games to start the season, and moved up from # 27 to # 15. The Grizzles three wins have come over the Magic, Warriors and Warriors. The three losses for Memphis have come to Houston, Chicago and Sacramento; all three on the road. The Grizzles are being led in scoring by Rudy Gay, who is averaging 20.7 points per game. Memphis travels to Denver and Phoenix, before hosting the Knicks and Bucks later in the year.

16. Dallas Mavericks (2-3) – The Mavericks have started the season slow, winning just two of five games. Dallas slides from # 7 to # 16 in the power rankings. The Mavericks are being led in scoring by Dirk Nowitzki, scoring 23.6 points per game. Nowitzki is also grabbing 7.2 rebounds per game. Dallas is also getting 8.8 assists from veteran point guard Jason Kidd. The Mavericks are trailing Houston, New Orleans and Memphis in the Western Conference – Southwest Division. Dallas will travel to the LA Clippers on Sunday before a home game with the Lakers, a road game at Chicago, and then back home to take on the Orlando Magic.

17. New York Knicks (3-2) – The Knicks have gotten off to a pretty solid start winning three of five games under new coach Mark D’Antoni. The Knicks have moved up 11 positions from # 28 to # 17. New York is tied with the Magic in second place in the Eastern Conference – Atlantic Division. The Knicks are led in scoring by big man Zach Randolph. Big Z is averaging 18.8 points per game and 11 rebounds for New York. The Knicks will host Utah on Sunday before two road games at San Antonio and Memphis, before a November 14th game at home with Oklahoma City.

18. Portland Trailblazers (2-3) – The Portland Trailblazers got off to a rough start losing big man Greg Oden in the first game of the season against the Lakers. The Trailblazers have started 2-3 and fallen from # 12 to # 18. Portland is tied with Denver in second place in the Western Conference – Northwest Division, trailing Utah by three games. Portland is being led in scoring by Brandon Roy. Roy is scoring 19.0 points per game. The Trailblazers will play in four road games this week, at Orlando, Miami, New Orleans and Minnesota during this week.

19. Denver Nuggets (2-3) – The Denver Nuggets traded away Allen Iverson in exchange for Antonio McDyess and Chauncey Billups. Denver has started the season 2-3 on the season and moved down from # 15 to # 19. The Nuggets two wins came over the Clippers and Mavericks. The Denver defeats came to the Jazz, the Lakers and the Warriors. Denver is led in scoring by Carmelo Anthony, who is scoring 23 points per game. Denver takes on Memphis on Sunday before road games at Charlotte, Cleveland and Boston.

20. Milwaukee Bucks (3-3) – The Milwaukee Bucks have won three of the first six games for new head coach Scott Skiles. The Bucks started the season with a loss to Chicago before a win over Oklahoma City. The Raptors then knocked off Milwaukee, before the Bucks knocked off the Knicks and Wizards before a 101-89 loss to Boston. The Bucks moved down from # 17 to # 20 on the year. Milwaukee plays five games this week, with a home game against the Suns before a road game at Cleveland, home game with San Antonio, road trip to Memphis and home game with the Celtics.

21. Charlotte Bobcats (2-3) – The Charlotte Bobcats are being led in scoring by Jason Richardson; who is scoring 17.6 points per game. Winning two of five games to start the year Charlotte moves up from # 23 to # 21. The Bobcats are giving up 94.8 points per game, while scoring 90.4. Charlotte is in fourth place in the Eastern Conference – Southeast Division, trailing Atlanta, Miami and Orlando. The Bobcats play just three games this week; all at home with the Raptors, Nuggets and Jazz.

22. Sacramento Kings (2-4) – The Kings have moved up two spots from their preseason spot at # 24 to # 22. Starting the season 2-4, with wins over Memphis and Minnesota, the Kings are scoring 98.0 points per game, while allowing 108.5 points per game. The Kings have played in four road games, losing all four; Timberwolves, Heat, Magic and 76ers. Kevin Martin leads the Kings in scoring, 21.7 per game. The Kings take on the Warriors, Pistons, Clippers and Suns this week.

23. Oklahoma City Thunder (1-4) – Oklahoma City got their first franchise win on November 2nd over Minnesota, but to this point that has been their lone win on the year. The Thunder was # 26 to start the preseason power rankings. The Thunder are led in scoring by second year star Kevin Durant. Durant is scoring 19.4 points per game, while playing 34.4 minutes per game. The Thunder are tied at the bottom of the Eastern Conference – Northwest Division with Minnesota. The Thunder will play five games this week, starting on November 9 at home with Atlanta, before a road game at Indiana, followed by a home game with Orlando, and then two straight road games at New York and Philadelphia.

24. Minnesota Timberwolves (1-4) – The Minnesota Timberwolves have moved up one position from the preseason power rankings despite winning just one of their first five games to start the year. Minnesota’s lone win came on opening night at home 98-96 over the Sacramento Kings. Al Jefferson is the Timberwolves leading scorer with 20.6 points per game. Point Guard Sebastian Telfair is averaging 8.5 assists per game. The Timberwolves travel to Portland Saturday, before a road game at Golden State, before coming back home to host the Trailblazers on November 15th.

25. Philadelphia 76ers (2-4) – The Philadelphia 76ers have lost two straight games after starting 2-2. The 76ers have fallen to Orlando, Miami, Atlanta and Toronto with their two wins coming at home with the Knicks and the Kings. The 76ers have fallen from # 11 to # 25. The 76ers are scoring 97.3 per game, while allowing 95.3. Thaddeus Young is leading Philadelphia in scoring, putting up 16.5 points per game. The 76ers host Utah, before road games at Toronto and Indiana next week, and then a road game on November 15th Oklahoma City.

26. Golden State Warriors (2-4) – The Warriors, who were at the bottom of the NBA Power Rankings – preseason have moved up four spots from # 30 to # 26. Golden State has won two of their first six games; with at New Jersey and with Denver. The Warriors are being led in scoring by Stephen Jackson, scoring 23.5, and dishing out 5.7 assists per game. The Warriors are scoring 101.7 points per game, and giving up 102.8 per game. The Warriors will travel to Sacramento Sunday, before home games with Minnesota and Detroit, before traveling to Los Angeles to take on the Clippers.

27. New Jersey Nets (2-2) – The New Jersey Nets have raised two positions from the start of the season, coming from # 29 to # 27. The Nets have allowed 100.8 points per game, while scoring just 95.3. The Nets have played just one road game on the season, winning 95-85 at Washington. Vince Carter, scoring 19.5 points per game, and dishing out 5.5 assists per game, is leading the Nets. The Nets will travel to Indiana on Saturday, before a trip to Miami, and then home games with Indiana and Atlanta, and then a trip to Atlanta on November 15th.

28. Indiana Pacers (1-3) – The Pacers, at the bottom of the Eastern Conference – Central Division has started 1-3 on the year. The Pacers fell 12 spots from #16 to # 28. Indiana’s lone win came November 1st at home of defending champion Boston Celtics. The Pacers will host the New Jersey Nets on Saturday before a home game with Oklahoma City, a trip to New Jersey, a home game with Philadelphia, and on the road to Chicago on November 15th.

29. Washington Wizards (0-4) – The Wizards, minus leading scoring Gilbert Arenas have started the season losing their first four games. With those four losses, Washington has fallen from # 22 to # 29. The four losses for the Wizards have come to New Jersey, Detroit, Milwaukee and New York. This week the Wizards will play at Orlando, and then come home to face the Jazz, before a trip to Miami to take on the Heat. Caron Butler leads the Wizards in scoring with 22.8 points per game.

30. Los Angeles Clippers (0-6) – The Los Angeles Clippers have gotten off to a slow start, losing all six of their games. The Clippers have not had an easy schedule to tip off the season with two games against the Lakers and Jazz, with the Nuggets and Rockets in between. The Clippers have fallen from their preseason # 19 mark to the bottom, at # 30. Stars Marcus Camby and Baron Davis have been limited with nagging injuries to start the year. The Clippers are at the bottom of the Western Conference – Pacific Division. The Clippers will host Dallas, Sacramento and Golden State during this week.


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