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Our columnists discuss using football and sports betting systems when betting college football and why it's not always a guaranteed success.

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Don't Always Bet Based On Last Week's Football Games

      When it comes to betting on NFL & college football, everyone you talk to seems to think that they have the best football betting system.  Many people claim that what they have to offer is guaranteed to make you money in sports betting, all based on previous results.  In truth, even the most successful sports bettors and the best systems experience their share of failure.  The best that can be done is to be prepared with the best information available.  One of the mistakes many casual sports bettors make is putting too much weight on the previous week's games as well as past results.

When betting on football games, many people look at the two teams involved and how they performed the week before.  There is a lot of information that can be used from the previous week's contests, but there are a number of ways that the information from that week alone does not paint the entire picture of a football team.  There are a number of variables that go into a football game that cannot be explained simply by looking at the final score.

Motivation Factor:
Though players are coached in a way that they should achieve the same level of performance week in and week out, that is not always the result.  Often when a team plays another team that it has a rivalry against, it will play above it's normal level of play.  There are also times where a team may have it's playoff hopes on the line and this too can make it outperform it's normal expectations.  Then too, a team may be rebounding from an embarrassing loss and feel that it has something to prove.  There are also potential letdowns that some teams cannot overcome like the loss of a player due to injury, the trading away of a popular teammate, or even off the field actions that have made the news.

Matchup Factor:
Football is a strategic enough game that sometimes the best team is not the team that wins.  It just may be that the winning team, though out manned, had the better game strategy.  There are also times where a dominant, or better than average, team can go up against a sub-par team and because of a specific weakness of theirs or strength of their opponents, their dominance is neutralized.  For example, a good team built on an incredible running game may meet a bad team that happens to have an excellent run defense, now the good team may be forced to find another way to win the game and that may not be possible.

Injuries Factor:
There are many occasions when a good football team will lose a player who plays an important role in their success to injury.  While many good teams can overcome this, sometimes it lowers the team's overall potential to win a game.  The replacement player on some teams may be more than capable of filling in, and on other teams the low skill level of the replacement may end up creating a negative at a position that was once a positive.

When betting on football games, the information that comes from the previous week's game is very valuable.  However, there are also things that could have happened during that game that affected the outcome and that will not happen in the next week.  Using systems alone is not always a sure fire guaranteed way to make money, especially when betting NFL and college football.  Anyone betting on football will be more successful basing their wagers on recent team history that covers much more than the just the one game before the contest they are betting on.  Tracking a team's performance over the previous five games, if possible, is a good way to get more quality information on what a team is capable of doing week in and week out.  Being successful betting on football is possible, but only if you have the best information available.

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