NCAA Tournament Bracket Contest List – Free Bracket Contests

March 12th, 2016 by Lou Palumbo (Bankroll Sports Head Columnist)
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bracket thumbnail 2015 NCAA Tournament Bracket Contest List Free Bracket Contests

(Our List List of March Madness Bracket Contests Below)
(Printable 2016 Tournament Bracket; PDF)
 Bankroll Sports is back with our complete & detailed list of free March Madness bracket contests for the 2016 NCAA Tournament.  Below is a full list which contains all the free March Madness contests on the web for this year’s Big Dance (tons of FREE bracket contests listed below!). Please be sure to check back right after Selection Sunday as this is when this page will get a complete workover. We will do the work for you and dig through the internet, finding all the free NCAA bracket contests on the web worth participating in. That is what we do here at Bankroll Sports; we make the lives of sports bettors and fans easier. Make sure to bookmark this page and please add it to your social media bookmarks for your friends and family. Be sure to fill out as many ncaa tournament brackets as you can and sign up for all the free contests below. You never know; one of them could be the perfect NCAA tournament bracket and could win you the grand prize in one of these free bracket contests! Thanks for visiting and once again, be sure to check back during the month of March and the week leading up to the NCAA Tournament as we will continue to update this 2015 NCAA bracket contest list each and every season. When the seedings & pairings are set, we will also be back with more free picks & predictions along with some advice and tips for filling out your NCAA Tournament bracket. Also, be sure to purchase our expert handicappers premium March Madness Picks if you need some winning college basketball plays. Note: Our experts are dominating the conference tournaments right now. Let Bankroll Sports make your 2015 NCAA Tournament a profitable one!

Note: If you know of any free bracket contests on the web that are not listed below, please leave a message in the comments and let us know about them. We will make sure to update this list if your free bracket contest is worthy. However, we only add free contests. Therefore, no office pools or pay bracket contests will be included on this list. (Printable 2016 NCAA Tournament Bracket; PDF)

Full List of Free 2016 NCAA Tournament Bracket Contests

Please Come Back (Updated Often); Bookmark This Page (Internet Explorer Only) & Check Back On Selection Sunday Through The Entire Week Leading Up To The Big Dance As We Update This Free NCAA Bracket Contest List All Week Up Until The First Game!

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    • Fox Sports
      Entry Fee: Free Contest
      1st Place: $1,000 Cash plus $25 in FOX Sports Shop Bucks
      Perfect Bracket Prize: $1,000,000 Cash
      2nd-100th Place: $25 in FOX Sports Shop Bucks
      101st – 200th Place: $10 in FOX Shop Bucks
      Contest Grade: A
      2016 Direct Bracket Contest Link
    • Jiffy Tickets
      Entry Fee: Free Contest
      1st place: $1000 Retail Gift Card
      Perfect Bracket Prize: None
      2nd place: $500 Retail Gift Card
      3rd place: $300 Retail Gift Card
      4th-10th place: $100 Retail Gift Card
      Contest Grade: A
      2016 Bracket Contest Direct Link
    • Cigars Direct
      Entry Fee: Free Contest
      1st Place:
      Second Chance Bracket Prize: Box of Cigars (Worth Over $1,000)
      Additional Prices: Several Other Great Prizes (For Cigar Smokers)
      Contest Grade: B-
      2016 Direct Bracket Contest Link
    • iSports Links
      Entry Fee: Free Contest
      1st Place: Minimum $25K (Sliding Scale)
      Perfect Bracket Prize: $10,000 Cash
      60-62 Games Right: $1,000 Cash
      2nd Place Prizes: Minimum $15 (Sliding Scale)
      Contest Grade: B-
      Direct NCAA Tournament Contest Link
    • Diamond Sportsbook
      Entry Fee: Free Entry w/ $100 Deposit & $100 Signup Bonus (or $10 Per Entry)
      1st Place: $10,000 Cash (for depositors, Click Here To Deposit To BetDSI)
      Perfect Bracket Prize: $1,000,000 Cash
      2nd Place Prizes: $5,000 Cash
      3rd Place Prizes: $2,500 Cash
      4th-100th Place Prizes: $1,000 Cash
      101st-150th Place Prizes: 7,500 BetPoints
      151th-300th Place Prizes: 3,500 BetPoints
      301st-500th Place Prizes: 1,000 BetPoints
      501st-1,000th Place Prizes: 500 BetPoints
      1,001st-2,500th Place Prizes: 100 BetPoints
      2,501st-5,000th Place Prizes: 75 BetPoints
      5,001st Place Prizes: 50 BetPoints
      All Participants Receive At Least 50 BetPoints!
      Contest Grade: A
      (Get 100% Bonus & A Free Entry For Every $100 Deposited)
      2016 Bracket Contest Direct Link
    • CBS Sports
      Entry Fee: Free Contest
      1st Place: Paid Luxury Trip To 2017 Final Four
      (Note: Randomly Selected Winner From Top 10
      Perfect Bracket Prize: None
      2nd Place Prizes: None
      Contest Grade: C-
      2016 Bracket Contest Direct Link
    • WagerWeb Sportsbook 
      Entry: Free Contest For Recreational WagerWeb Players
      Note: New WagerWeb Players Get a 50% Signup Bonus at This Link (Visa Debit/Credit Card Deposits Accepted)
      1st Place: $5,000 in Betting Cash
      Perfect Bracket Prize: $15,000 in Betting
      2nd Place: $3,000 in Betting Cash
      3rd Place: $2,000 in Betting Cash
      4th Place: $1,000 in Betting Cash
      5th Place: $750 in Betting Cash
      6th Place: $500 in Betting Cash
      10-50th Place: Various Betting Cash Prizes
      Contest Grade: A
      2016 NCAA Tournament Bracket Contest Direct Link

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Posted in NCAA Basketball on Saturday, March 12th, 2016 at 12:00 am (EST)
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39 Responses to “NCAA Tournament Bracket Contest List – Free Bracket Contests”

  1. Michael Reed Says:

    hh gregg is giving away a 50″ hdtv for it’s bracket contest

  2. Bankroll Sports Staff Says:

    Thank you for the report Michael. We have added this contest to the list!

    -Bankroll Sports Blog Staff

  3. Robyn Says:

    Applebee’s is offering the chance to win $1 million for a perfect bracket and lots of other prizes, too.

  4. Bankroll Sports Staff Says:

    Thank you for the report Robyn. We have added this contest to the list!

    -Bankroll Sports Blog Staff

  5. frank crane Says:

    sobe bracket contest. Did not see it on the list

  6. Frankie Says: has a free contest with a $1 million grand prize as well as other prizes.

  7. Bankroll Sports Staff Says:


    The Sobe contest is part of the Fanhouse contest.


    The SportsBetting contest is not free.


  8. art Says:

    Aren’t and Applebess contest the same, since they are both upickem contests? I just want to make sure so I don’t have two accounts that are not accepted.

  9. Bill Says:

    free gas

  10. Frankie Says:

    The Sportsbetting contest is free, I play there every year. Betus is not free though, you have to make a deposit to be elligible.

  11. Moe Green Says:

    Art says: Aren’t and Applebess contest the same, since they are both upickem contests?

    –> I found several of those upickem sites… mostly newspapers and radio sites.. the rules have eligibility disclaimers that say that the ‘affiliate’ can restrict their local prizes to their own definition… I don’t know how they handle multiple entries for their national prize, but I entered on a few different sites anyway. It is something that upickem should clarify in their rules. The same issue exists for their weekly football picks during the NFL season.

  12. Moe Green Says:

    sorry for the double post.. here is one that is not on your list:

    Southwest Airlines Bracket Challenge:

  13. Bankroll Sports Staff Says:


    Yes, we are removing the contest today. UPickem seems to run them all the same with multiple businesses. Very tacky and gimmicky.

    We are adding the Southwest Airlines contest today, which will probably be the final edit before the dance. Next year, we take into account all off the suggestions.

    We appreciate your input and wish you the best of luck this year with your brackets!

    -Jason Patrick
    Bankroll Sports Staff

  14. Bankroll Sports Staff Says:


    BetUS has done so much for this site and our customers. So, we are obligated to leave their contest up. They offer our visitors who come from Bankroll Sports a huge 100% bonus and lot of other perks. This is the only required deposit contest on our site.

    We will also add the Sports Betting contest next year when we have a chance to look it over.

    Thank you for your input and suggestions! Best of luck with your brackets!
    -Bankroll Sports Staff

  15. Gilbyg27 Says:

    Thanks for the heads up on the contests Bankroll Sports Staff!!!

    Frankie is 100% right…………but it’s fine by me if less people play.


  16. The Morris Family Says:

    Yes, for future reference so far every year, there has been the NCAA tournament/bracket contest on Thanks.

  17. Bankroll Sports Staff Says:

    We have already commented on this. The contest is the same contest as the Applebees contest.


  18. LeAnne Says:

    ruby tuesday’s

  19. Bankroll Sports Staff Says:


    Do you have a link to this contest? Some of these Facebook contests are a little difficult to find.

    Bankroll Sports Staff

  20. Matt Says: is giving away a portable beer pong table and some other cool drinking accessories. It’s no million dollar flying tv, but the odds of winning should be pretty high!

    Contest Rules Page:

  21. rick Says:

    Buffalo wild wings has their bracket challenge back this year.

  22. Bankroll Sports Staff Says:

    Thank You Matt & Rick!

    We highly appreciate the input.

    Be sure to let us know if you see any additional free contests by next Sunday!

    Bankroll Sports Beat

  23. Anne Says:

    A few more to keep an eye out for…

    AT&T March Madness
    Champs Sports
    103.7 The Buzz
    Buffalo Wild Wings
    Murphy USA
    Tribune 100K Hoopla
    CokeZero at Chilis
    Dave and Busters
    Athlon Sports
    New York Times

    Good luck, have FUN and don’t forget the little people when you win!

  24. Bankroll Sports Staff Says:


    Thanks for the input.

    Please make sure not to submit contests that are already listed.

    Also, please try to submit sites that actually have a contest this year.

    Thank You!

    -Jason Peters
    Bankroll Sports Staff

  25. Bankroll Sports Staff Says:


    Just to update you on the status of your submissions;

    Contests were not yet found (as of the date of this message) on the following sites:

    AT&T March Madness
    Champs Sports
    Tribune 100K Hoopla
    Dave and Busters
    Athlon Sports

    The rest of your contest submissions are either already listed or have been added to the list.

    -Marcus Banks
    Bankroll Sports Picks

  26. Zack Says:

    I did not see bracket contest on there and also I found Athlon sport’s bracket contest. Thanks for the sweet list. Not sure if I could put 2 websites in the list so here is bracket contest’s

  27. Jimmy (Bankroll Sports Contributor) Says:


    We really do appreciate the submissions and we will add them immediately.

    If you see any other ones that we missed, be sure to let us know. Our goal is to have every free contest out there by Monday.

    Making sports bettors lives easier is what we do at this company.

    Bankroll Sports Blogger

  28. Pie Francois Says:

    Thanks for the list of bracket contests. This one is from which associated with the Cleveland Plain Dealer Newspaper. The first prize is $10,000.00.

  29. Bankroll Sports Staff Says:

    You are very welcome. We aim to provide useful content to make sports bettors and sports fan’s lives considerably easier.

    Thank You for the contest submission.

    We will take a look at this contest and add it to the list if it’s appropriate.

    -Bankroll Sports Staff

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  32. Where can I find me some bracket contests? How many you have in? Says:

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  33. Foster anshutz Says:

    U conn

  34. Chris Says:

    Looking at the sportsbook website, you need to bet $20 during all rounds (2-7)=$120 not just the first 3 rounds.

  35. Bankroll Sports Staff Says:


    Yea, I am still not sure what “Q Bucks” are.

    So, that’s not really a sufficient prize.

    Bankroll Sports Staff

  36. Bankroll Sports Staff Says:

    Thanks Chris,

    We’ll change our message. Getting a little close to start time anyway.

    But, will change it on the next update.

    Bankroll Sports Staff

  37. Bankroll Sports Staff Says:


    Ok. We adjusted the list a bit. We have two sponsor contests up there that aren’t 100% free; BetUS & Hollywood.

    We decided to swap the contest and replace it with Hollywood Sportsbook’s contest. Hollywood has the same requirements. However, they have a much smaller contestant field (with a 10K first prize). You also will get an an exclusive 25% bonus from Bankroll Sports. So, a $100 deposit will give you $125 in total betting cash sto cover all 6 bets and make you eligible for a $10,000 first prize contest (with just a few hundred contestants). Again, we think of everything!

    Additionally, BetUS requires a $100 deposit for an entry into their massive prize contest. We also have an exclusive bonus with them; deposit $100 up to $500 and get 100% bonus. So, make a $100 deposit at BetUS and you’ll get an entry to their big contest as well as an additional 100% bonus (if you use our link above). Make a $200 deposit, get an extra $200 as well as two entries into the contest (all the way up to $500 for $500 free and five entries!).


  38. T. Yeager Says:

    The DFW Gambler Blog has a free Bracket contest that is still open. The blog entry with details is at
    and the direct link is

    The password is gorangersgomavs

  39. Bankroll Sports Staff Says:

    Sorry Bud…

    We’ll have to get this one next year.

    Make sure to bookmark this link for next year’s tournament.

    Bankroll Sports Picks